Third Element Marketing operates a small, boutique, application-only affiliate network providing high quality traffic to select offers.

We only accept offers that are exclusive to our network guaranteeing the highest payouts for our traffic partners, and our undivided attention for our advertisers. In addition, we also offer media buying services to advertisers on our network or under our agency plan.


We are very selective with the affiliates/publishers we bring on board. We do this to not only protect our advertisers, but also to ensure that we continuously provide our traffic partners with the attention they need. Each affiliate deals with a dedicated rep from our team who continuously helps to optimize the offers for your traffic.

Since all offers on our network are exclusive, we have unique relationships with our advertisers allowing us to build custom pages, review backend performance, and more - all so we can ensure the highest payouts possible.

With credit approval, our affiliates are able to receive weekly payments.

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Just as we are selective with our affiliates, we also are selective with the offers we take to our network. We only work with 10-15 offers at a time. To be listed on our network, any offer must be our exclusive (minimally for email).Our network runs on a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis.

In addition to our CPA network, our advertisers benefit from our media buying team. If desired, we can supplement the network traffic and manage your media buy campaigns - Covering Paid Email Drops / List Rentals, Native Advertising, Display and Social.

We're fully transparent with our fees and charge a flat 12% on traffic costs.